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Local career criminal to walk free despite more than 30 crime convictions

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

(KMOV) -- There’s outrage over a career criminal who will walk free this week despite being convicted of more than 30 crimes.

Marikay Roberts has been convicted of felony theft over and over. Yet, a judge is allowing her to get out on probation after just 120 days, although she was sentenced to 14 years.

News 4’s Lauren Trager asked the judge how this repeat offender can walk out of jail so soon.

"I am just shocked, honestly, where is the justice in that?” said Jaimie Carde.

Some are convinced Roberts will strike again.

"Oh yeah, absolutely, it's just a matter of time before she will commit the crime again, or another one, or steal something else, so I'd be a little worried,” Carde said.

Roberts pleaded guilty to robbing a store in Central West End and another store back in 2012.

She was already on probation for theft.

In fact, her rap sheet is a mile long: more than 30 convictions in 30 years. But for her latest crime--she's serving only a handful of months.

“After 30 times, that just doesn't make any sense to me,” said Jeff Marshall.

News 4 went to Judge Edward Sweeney for answers. He says he can't comment on specific cases.

"Do you feel that 120 days is an appropriate punishment for someone who has had multiple convictions?” asked News 4 Reporter Lauren Trager.

“It all depends on the person, their background, their record,” said Judge Sweeney.

Sweeney says a Missouri statute allows him to weigh it all-- let people out early if he thinks they can really turn their life around.

But prosecutors believe there is no hope for this career criminal saying no amount of jail time could stop her from stealing.

"Part of it is it's supposed to be a deterrent, but the other part is it's supposed to protect the rest of us and I don't see either of those working,” Marshall said.

Roberts will be released on Wednesday. News 4 will continue to follow this story and see if she pops up in the legal system again. 

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