St. Peters family claims insurance company no help after May sto -

St. Peters family claims insurance company no help after May storms damaged home

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer
By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

 (KMOV) – After storms ravaged a St. Charles community on May 31, one family has gotten the runaround by their homeowners insurance.

On May 31, the Corbett family huddled in their basement as their neighbors’ homes were leveled in the storm that rocked St. Charles County.

The family lost the entire side of their home and three months later, nothings has been fixed.

A blue tarp covers the opening on the Corbett’s home on Haversham Drive, with damage inside and out. The wood floors are buckled, drywall ruined and the house was condemned by St. Charles County.

The family has homeowners insurance with Billings Mutual Insurance.

The Corbetts were told to get bids with the first one coming in at $79,000. The insurance company asked them to get another bid and the second one came in at $59,000.

A Billings Mutual adjuster came back with a much lower amount to fix the mess.

News 4’s Chris Nagus asked “What’s the insurance company willing to pay?” “$15,000. Originally $13,000 but we got them to $15, 000,” Corbett said.

Last year, the Corbetts filed a different weather-related claim for damage to their roof and garage. They said Billings cut them a check for $6,000 but Billings said they couldn’t find any evidence to prove the money was actually used for repairs.

The Corbetts said they don’t expect double payment so they’re willing to concede $6,000 of their $59,000 bid but that still didn’t get them anywhere close to what the Billing Adjuster came up with.

“They refuse to replace the siding on the entire house because one wall doesn’t have any damage,” Corbett said.

Eddie Corbett said Billing wants to piece their house together as cheaply as possible. On July 11, a Sikeston couple filed a lawsuit against Billing, claiming they wouldn’t replace the front part of their roof, only the back.  The homeowner said Billings settled a few days after the suit was filed.

In April, Billings paid more than $4,500 to another Missouri couple involving an unrelated lawsuit. That homeowner told me it took Billings so long to send an adjuster to their home, he got tired of waiting and finally hired someone to do the job. He then sued Billings for his money spent on the repairs and won.

The company has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau, for failing to answer a complaint regarding one homeowner in the Springfield area.

In St. Peters, the Corbetts continue to battle Billings, they say the insurance company is paying their hotel expenses but they’re tired of living in a hotel with their two children.

Billings has not answered questions asked by News 4’s Chris Nagus. In a brief statement sent by Billings, they say they have adjusted this claim and that payment has been issued to the Corbetts so they can start repairs.

The Corbetts say that payment won’t get their home repaired. 

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