Beating the heat before the sun comes out in Forest Park -

Beating the heat before the sun comes out in Forest Park

Reporting on the heat Tuesday morning in Forest Park I saw the first jogger at 5:30am.  It was 82-degrees in St. Louis according to my smartphone.  It felt like 86-degrees.

Not bad.  That's why he was out there.  As he strode by without stopping I got out a couple of questions... Are you up and out earlier because of the heat?  The answer was, "No, but I'm taking salt tablets on my run."

Soon after there were dozens of runners and walkers along the trail and a few bicyclists.

One biker coasted by and joked, "It's not hot."  Then a few minutes later he looped back around and said, "Maybe it is kinda hot."

I met people on a five-mile walk (desperate to get it in before the sun's up) and a couple of guys on a ten-mile run.

One woman was wearing a camel back bag with 50 ounces of water.  A couple of women carried small water bottles as the jogged.  One stopped to tell me how she freezes her bottled water then takes it out on the run.  By the time she needs it it's liquid, but really cold. 

We left around 7am.  By then the sun was up and beating down and the people I saw at 5:30 were likely getting ready to cool off.

Mark Schnyder is a reporter at KMOV-TV.



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