Illinois daycare centers suffer while waiting for payment vouche -

Illinois daycare centers suffer while waiting for payment vouchers

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) – The state of Illinois is still having trouble paying its bills, and this week could be a hint of what may happen on the national level in a couple of weeks if the federal government starts defaulting on bills.

A state official said that late checks to child care centers who service low-income families were going out last Friday. However, Angie Narup who runs a child care center in Illinois says she is still waiting to get paid.

Illinois is more than a month behind in payments.

The payment vouchers come from the Department of Human Services, which says that those waiting for payment will receive their checks in the next few weeks. It says that the delay is a money problem.

But this places a big strain on businesses like Angie’s/

“I can survive another 30 days at this rate, but I'm digging a hole every single day I'm open,” says Narup.  

Estimates are the child care payments total in the tens of millions around the state.

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