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Will This Heat Wave Be Historical?

It seems like the length of this heat wave is longer than in recent years.  So, to give us some perspective I asked the National Weather Service to comb through the record books and find out how this heat wave compares.  Here's what they found:
If our forecast is correct through this upcoming Sunday, then we will have eight days in a row of 95 degree temperatures or hotter. 
That eight days in a row would be tied for 20th on the record list of consecutive 95+ hotter days.
The most days in a row at or above 95 is 17 days (happened twice: 1901 and 1936, before air conditioning!. 
The last time we had a string of hot days like this was 4 years ago, in 2007 when we had 11 days at 95 or hotter.
So, while heat waves of this length have not been common in the past few years, they're not uncommon by any means.  With a bit of a cool down by early next week, it appears this heat wave will be brutal, but not historical.

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