Residents in O'Fallon Missouri unable to use community playground they pay for -

Residents in O'Fallon Missouri unable to use community playground they pay for


(KMOV) - An O’Fallon, Missouri neighborhood is dealing with a big problem: residents paid for a community playground, but due to a broken bridge, no one can get to it. The bridge has been broken for more than a year. After they contacted us, News 4's Lindsay Bramson checked into the problem.
Residents are blaming property management, and management is blaming the homeowners association. However, residents don’t care whose fault it is; they just want the bridge fixed.
This is in the Hampton Woods subdivision. It's been like this snce June of last year when storms damaged the bridge, and it’s just become worse over time.
For these residents, this bridge is how they get to a community playground on the other side of the neighborhood. They pay an association fee of $180 per year, which is supposed to take care of both the neighborhood and the playground. Residents want to know where their money's going.
DNI Property says it’s the homeowner association’s fault for not asking that the bridge be insured. However, the president of the board says there's a reason they have a property manager. They trust they will maintain and take care of the neighborhood. Residents want someone to take responsibility. Holly Shipley, one of the residents, says, "We have paid our dues assuming everything's been taken care of, putting our trust into the company, and it’s not getting taken care of."
Just a few days after News 4 started became involved, the bridge was taken down.
DNI Properties says they're working on getting a new one put it. It will cost around $50,000 to build.  

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