Keeping cool at the zoo -

Keeping cool at the zoo

The zoo may not sound like the place to be with triple digit heat (or close to it) this week, but you can still make the trip and not be miserable.

I went by last week to talk to Jack Grisham, the Vice President of Animal Collections about what the zoo is doing to keep visitors from having heat-related issues.

He directed me to several misting fans and people seemed to be taking advantage of the cool spray. 

Even though there's lots of sun, there's also lots of shade to take a break in and a number of exhibits are indoors and all those buildings are air conditioned.

On of the more popular exhibits is the penguins habitat and it's always 45-degrees in there.

Besides keeping bottled water with you Grisham recommends coming to visit the zoo in the morning when it's not quite so hot.

He says zoo staff is there not only keeping an eye on the animals but on those coming to see the animals.  There are two paramedics at the zoo everyday and there are cooling stations where they can take people who perhaps are starting to have trouble dealing with the heat.

Mark Schnyder is a reporter at KMOV-TV.

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