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Busted: The "Bentley Bandit" is finally behind bars

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Busted. The "Bentley Bandit" is finally behind bars.

He was arrested in Lake Charles, Louisiana late Thursday night. The 22-year-old is accused of stealing a Mercedes from a St. Charles dealership as part of his cross-country heist.

It was like he was daring police to catch him with plates that said "DIAL911."

When they finally cornered him, police say the Bentley Bandit put his hands in the air and said 'It's me.' He now faces charges in 10 states, including grand theft auto pending in St. Charles.

The alleged Bentley Bandit's "Catch Me if You Can" caper has finally come to an end, and Justin Durbin doesn't seem to mind the attention.

"Anything you've got to say?" A reporter asks as Durbin is being led into jail.

"It's on the internet," Durbin responds.

The accused conman hadn't been seen since June, when surveillance video caught him swiping a Mercedes from a St. Charles dealer then upgrading to a Bentley in Florida. Police say Durbin finally ran out of road in Louisiana after they got a tip he was close.

"It's surprising he made it as far as he did, but the kid is also pretty slick," Nick Garulay, owner of Ambassador Auto Sales where Durbin allegedly stole his Bentley.

Troopers say Durbin led them on a lengthy pursuit before careening into a ditch and sprinting off on a five-hour manhunt. It took two National Guard helicopters, blood hounds and U.S. Marshals to help troopers take him down.

"He just finally gave it in," Sgt. James Anderson of the Louisiana State Police says. "He told troopers that he had a tendency to steal things all his life."

His audacity has been jaw-dropping. Police say he would steal license plates in the state he was currently driving through, in hopes of throwing off police. The last plates on the Bentley were personalized: DIAL911. They say detectives found more lifted license plates in the trunk, along with several other stolen items.

Eric Dahm says he was duped by the smooth-talker in Biloxi, Mississippi just last week. He sent me photos of Justin Durbin and his sweet ride. They checked out with both police and the Bentley dealership as legit.

"I just thought isn't this the coolest thing ever that there's a Bentley in my driveway!" Dahm says. "You don't see those every day."

Dahm says Durbin made off with his cell phone after a night of hanging out.

"After everything else he's done, I wanted to see this guy caught, and I'm glad that he has been," Dahm says.

He's been put in park. Durbin is being held in a Louisiana jail without bond as a fugitive in nine states.

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