Another local bridge makeover could impact your commute -

Another local bridge makeover could impact your commute

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

( -- The makeover of the Jamieson Bridge over Interstate 44 is expected to cause some major traffic headaches for people traveling through south St. Louis.

Fifteen-thousand cars cross the Jamieson Bridge every day and officials say it is past the point of repair and it needs to be replaced.

Crews expect to start work this week and that has some people living and working in the area fearing a repeat of what they suffered through during the Arsenal Bridge replacement in 2010.

The traffic was so bad then that neighbors are banning together this time in hopes of putting enough pressure on MoDOT and city street crews to allow traffic to move as normal through the side streets. 

Neighbors blame a mess of one-way streets, road blocks and detours for crippling the small business district on Ivanhoe last year.  Shop owners hope their voices have been heard and that planned detours on Flyer, Watson and Arsenal streets work better than last year.

Denise Giois is a local business owner and she said she remembers how bad the traffic was during the Arsenal Bridge repair.  "The alleys became a freeway.  People were flying up and down the alleys and they're so small and not meant for that type of traffic."

Alderman Joe Vaccaro already has a meeting set up for next week to evaluate how the detours are working and if they will need changed.

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