Four local counties propose plan to prevent meth production -

Four local counties propose plan to prevent meth production

(KMOV)—Four area counties are working together to make it more difficult for meth makers to cook the drugs.

Leaders from St. Charles, Franklin, Lincoln, and Jefferson Counties are proposing a joint pseudoephedrine ban on sales without a prescription.
Police are afraid that with this plan, the meth makers will just go to the surrounding counties to buy the product. St. Louis County and City are not a part of this proposed ban.
Opponents want city leaders to give the pseudoephedrine tracking database a chance to work. It flags major buyers and stops them buying more than the legal limit. Police believe that by the time the authorities get the information from the tracking database, the meth has already been made and is on the streets.
The plan doesn’t stop people from legally purchasing the drug then selling it for more money to meth makers to feed their other drug habits.
Local lawmakers know they're in for a fight against the asthma and allergy association as well as the makers of pseudoephedrine.
These proposed ordinances will cover each individual city in each county involved in the plan. The proposed ban will go up for discussion next week.

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