Sewer line repair to blame for flooded homes? -

Sewer line repair to blame for flooded homes?

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) -- Several residents on Jones Street in Cahokia have answers from a contractor as to why their basements flooded during heavy rains on Sunday.

The homes are near an on-going sewer line repair project, and during Sunday's heavy rain, LaTroy Ingram watched as her basement filled with water and sewage.

"The furnace, hot water tank, I'm pretty sure all that's gone," said Ingram.

Next door, Dave Brown reported a few inches of water in his basement. At least two other residents across the street and half a block away showed News 4 where water crept into their basements.

Cahokia has around 40 sewer line breaks all over town. Some lines have been broken for years.

Last year, the village received federal dollars to make repairs to a dozen of the breaks, damaged during flooding.

A contractor hired by the village to repair sewer lines began work on Jones Street last week, and the village says the contractor was supposed to be done with the work by last Wednesday. The President of H&M Backhoe says that he’s taking responsibility and is working to fix the problem in the basement of the home. The contractor says that his drainage line became tangles with a line the village previously put in, creating the backups.

Despite on-going flooding issues over the years, Ingram said this weekend's flood was the worst.

Mayor Cornwell said the contractor is behind on repairs, village-wide.

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