Men wanted for attempted abduction of 7-year-old may be connecte -

Men wanted for attempted abduction of 7-year-old may be connected to other case

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Missouri (KMOV) -- Police say the same men wanted for trying to abduct girls in St. Francois County may have tried to do the same in St. Louis County.

A 9-year-old girl says on May 7 two men tried to lure her into their truck right outside the Vinita Park Police Department.

“She said that he pulled up next to her and asked her if she wanted a ride, could she get in the car,” said the 9-year-old’s mother, Ashley Jones. “She said no, he continued to ask her if she wanted to have sex and she turned around and ran.”

Jones says she reported it to police, but the investigation did not go far.

But Vinita Park Police Chief Gregory Moore says officers didn’t realize the men tried to lure the girl into their truck. They only thought the men made lurid comments.

But now the case has taken on more significance after the girl’s mother saw a News 4 story about other attempted abductions.

“When I seen it on the news it automatically triggered, like sent chill bumps through my body,” said Jones. “And it was the same gentleman that tried to abduct my daughter.”

Police said the men match the descriptions of the suspects in Bonne Terre, who are described as an overweight man and a man with a gray beard. Police said they were driving a black Ford truck with an extended cab and a ladder in the bed.

While Vinita Park is a long way from St. François County, one of the girl’s neighbors confirmed for she has ties to Bonne Terre.

“We had sketchy information but we are working with Bonne Terre to try to tie the two together,” said Moore.

Police say if there is a connection the case won’t fall through the cracks.

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