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Raw foods catching on as hot eating trend

SAN ANTONIO -- A hot food trend features a more natural way of eating. It’s called the raw foods lifestyle.

The basic idea is to eat meals that are unprocessed, unrefined and untreated with heat.
You won’t find pots and pans where Christa Emrick prepares food. But you will find a dehydrator and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Emrick embraced raw food after a doctor suggested it would enhance her health.
“It’s raw food. It’s ripe,” Emrick explained. “It’s organic. And it’s fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts. And we do not heat it above 118 degrees.”
The dishes Emrick serves up at the Counter Culture Cafe include some favorites with a twist.
There’s “beet” ravioli. There’s the “not so beef and broccoli” featuring portabella mushrooms. Some desserts are made with nuts as the base. One pizza features a crust of seeds.
Emrick admits the raw foods lifestyle takes some getting used to.
“I miss the texture at times,” she stated. “I can’t create the texture. I can create the flavor.”
The idea is that organic natural foods can help you lose weight, lower cholesterol and control blood pressure.
It’s trendy and catching on. Emrick teaches classes that are gaining in popularity.
“You have to look at food no longer as a form of entertainment. It’s a form of nourishment,” Emrick said. “It’s a mindset. The food is really good. It’s very tasty. You’re full but you’re not stuffed.”
Emrich lost 75 pounds eating this way. She said she feels healthier and more energetic.

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