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Unique animal inspires St. Louis zookeeper's book

St. Louis (KMOV.com) -- A St. Louis zookeeper took her work with a unique animal and wrote a children's book.

Carolyn Mueller wrote and illustrated the book Bubbles the Dwarf Zebu: A Story about Finding a Home at the Saint Louis Zoo.

Mueller is a freelance writer and zookeeper at the St. Louis Zoo's Emerson Children's  Zoo. She works with many types of animals, from slothes to porcupines. She also trains them for the summer shows at the children's zoo.

The book is about a small cow from India that is sent to the United States. She finds out she's different from the other cows she meets on her journey. Bubbles then realizes that her differences make her special and makes many of friends along the way.

The author calls the story "a heartwarming tale of acceptance in a new land."

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