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Lamborghini crash becomes YouTube hit

Ever see sports car at a red light? The engine’s revving, the light changes, the driver hits the gas, and you’re supposed to be really impressed?

That’s not quite what happened on Mothers’ Day in a Chicago suburb.

The video of a bright yellow Lamborghini crashing as it makes a left turn is quickly becoming a YouTube sensation.

On Mother’s Day, the Lamborghini repeatedly revved its engine while stopped at a red light in Wheeling, before turning, swerving out of control, and crashing into two cars, ending up squeezed between them.

The YouTube video of the crash has nearly 4,000,000 page views.

Before the crash, the driver behind the Lamborghini and two passengers debate whether it will burn rubber and take off straight ahead onto the empty road ahead, or make a left turn.

“He’s gonna fly,” the narrator says at one point.

He started taping after the Lamborghini passed him and his friends, warping down westbound Palatine Road.

They videotaped the Lamborghini as it waited for a green light, turned left and then swerved into oncoming traffic, and wedged in between two cars.

“I got that on video,” the narrator says. “A little too much power for him.”

After they passed the crash, they turned around and surveyed the scene again.

The driver of the Lamborghini Gallardo was ticketed for failing to reduce speed to avoid the accident.

No one was injured, except maybe the driver’s ego.


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