Shape-up shoemaker forced to issue partial refunds to buyers -

Shape-up shoemaker forced to issue partial refunds to buyers

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. ( -- The Missouri Attorney General has joined 43 other states and the federal government in a settlement against Skechers USA over the marketing of three different types of shoes.

The shoes include Shape-ups, Tone-ups, and Skechers Resistance runner athletic shoes. The lawsuit says Skechers had no proof these shoes helped people lose weight, burn calories, help circulation, fight cellulite, or firm, tone or strengthen thighs, buttocks, and back muscles.   

People who have bought these shoes are eligible for a refund. They should expect to get about $20 per pair of shoes. Consumers all together will be refunded $40 million from this settlement.

Consumers can file a claim by calling a special hotline at 866-325-4186 or by visiting

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