North St. Louis man says leaky dumpster outside home becoming a problem -

North St. Louis man says leaky dumpster outside home becoming a problem

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) -- A north St. Louis man says a dumpster outside his house is doing more harm than good, and he wants the city to do something about it.

Allah Ali, 68, says he works hard to keep up his property, which includes an alley with three dumpsters.

Unfortunately, one of the dumpsters has a problem.

“The hole here is at the bottom of the dumpster,” said Ali. “And each time the driver comes he leaves a nice mess. That’s been there for over a year.”

Every trash day, Ali has to clean up the spilled-out garbage himself.

”It creates bugs, parasites, rodents and I don’t want all that around here,” he said.

Ali says he’s been trying for months to get the rusted-out dumpster replaced.

“I called the citizens service and requested a new dumpster. I called several times over the year and so far nothing has taken place,” said Ali.

St. Louis Streets Director Todd Waelterman says while Ali has called several times, those calls have been about problems with other dumpsters, all of which have been addressed.

Waelterman says their records show the first call about the rusted-out dumpster came just Monday.

“This one is very difficult to see when you drive down the alley because the bottom’s gone, but the sides all look nice, so we appreciate him calling it in, bringing it to our attention, and we’re gonna have it repaired,” Waelterman said.

Waelterman told News 4 the new dumpster would be in place Tuesday. He says the city welcomes calls to the citizens’ service bureau for problems like Ali’s.

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