Metro-East school to require iPads next fall -

Metro-East school to require iPads next fall

( -- An Illinois high school will be the first school in the area to require students to own an iPad.

This coming Fall, students at Metro East Lutheran High School, a private high school in Edwardsville, Illinois, will be using iPads in class.

The iPads will be used for more than just classroom exercises. Students will be able to use the iPad to order their lunch from the cafeteria.

Metro East Lutheran will not provide the iPads, students and their parents will have to purchase their own.

The Apple iPad is now in its third generation. According to a first generation 16GB iPad can be sold new for $484.00 and used for  $239. The newest 16GB iPads can be bought new for $551 or used for $496.

The O'Fallon Township High School superintendent is also considering a similar plan.

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