Donor may have unknowingly given $14,000 to South County Goodwil -

Donor may have unknowingly given $14,000 to South County Goodwill

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By Belo Content KMOV By Belo Content KMOV
( -- The manager of a Goodwill store in south St. Louis County is looking for a donor who may have ended up donating a lot more than they thought.
The manager of the Goodwill store in the 10,000 block of Baptist Church Road found over $14,000 in a donation made on Tuesday afternoon.
The money was found on Wednesday.
The manager is asking the donor to come forward as it is believed the money was donated unknowingly.
After reviewing surveillance video, store officials determined the donor was driving a green Ford F150 truck and was at the drop-off site at approximately 3 p.m.
It is not known if the money was found inside a donated item or if the donor was male or female.  In order to eliminate false claims, store management is not sharing any further details.

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