School-funded 'Cannabis Club' sparks debate at St. Charles Community College -

School-funded 'Cannabis Club' sparks debate at St. Charles Community College

Several organizations at St. Charles Community College are speaking out against the school’s decision to fund a group trying to legalize marijuana.

When the Students for Sensible Drug Policy, formerly known as the Cannibas Club, wanted to be recognized by the school, there were many for it and against it.

“I thought it would bring a poor image onto SCC,” said Jared Streiler, president of the student senate. “When it comes to legalizing marijuana I don’t have an opinion. It was when it would come here and reflect on the college, it would have a poor image on that.”

The student senate and other organizations actually denied the group recognition and money. But administrators overruled that decision.

“They requested to be recognized and based on our criteria that we use, it was apparent that to the administration that was a reasonable request,” said Dean of Student Development Yvette Sweeney.

The club says all it wants is to spark debate on the issue of legalizing marijuana, not to advocate its use.

“That’s not what we’re here to do,” said Duell Lauderdale with the Students for Sensible Drug Police. “We’re here to talk about prohibition and the problems of the drug war, the way it’s affected our deficit.”

But the group does have its views.

“At a point in time alcohol was prohibited, you could just get caught in the street with a beer and get taken to jail and if people weren’t allowed to speak against that it might be the same way today,” said Lauderdale.

The club gets $500 a semester from the college, which the group says it will use on speakers to educate the public.

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