Family seeks refund after landlord fails to fix moldy house -

Family seeks refund after landlord fails to fix moldy house

ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KMOV) -- A family is fighting with a landlord for the return of $1200 after the house they were going to rent was deemed unsafe to live in.

Harvey Petty, Jr. and his wife were assured by the landlord, Claude Harris, that problems found in the house would be taken care of when they put the money down to rent it last month in Velda Village.

Petty says when the family arrived on moving day he discovered the problems still existed including mold.

"I took a look.  I noticed things were kind of patched up a little bit, but nothing was fixed like he told me he would," Petty said.

A city inspector found enough violations in the house to rule it uninhabitable four days after the move-in date and now the family is asking for its money back.

"I have called him over fifty times to ask him can I have my money back?  No answer.  No return phone call.  Nothing," Petty said.

Harris would only give News 4 the number to his attorney who promises to talk to his client about the issue promptly.

Velda Village officials say Harris will not be able to rent out the house until the problems are fixed and it passes inspection.

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