Tech news, Mother's Day style: A Book of Memories for Mom -

Tech news, Mother's Day style: A Book of Memories for Mom

Mother's Day is just around the corner and getting mom a gift with your personal story is only a mouse click away with the creation of  photobooks. Photos are always special, but they are better when they are in album or even better when in a bound book.

The Internet allows you to take your photos and create your own book. This way you can bring back memories of keep special occasions with mom. It is a process that does not require you be crafty or own super tech skills.

Several web sites like Snapfish, Shutterfly, MPix and several other sites allow you to take you pictures and turn them into a book.

Photobooks are great gift for mom's of all ages. These sites are made for novice bookmakers.

You start by picking the size of the book you want and whether you want a hard cover or soft cover.

Then pick the occasion or a simple format or layout that works for you. There are dozens to choose from on the sites that range from birthday celebrations to weddings or Mother’s Day.

Follow the directions to get the pictures from your desktop or USB or even an email. The site will prompt you to upload the picture. Then you just click and drag pictures into the layout. You can resize or crop the pictures. There are easy directions for how to complete this process on each site.
The sites will also allow written words.

You can make various changes before you finish up.

When you have created your masterpiece, the site will prompt you to close up the book and pay.

How long it takes depends on the details you put into the book. Give yourself at least one hour.

Mother’s Day is only five days away and you can get it by Sunday, but it will require extra postage. Most sites are offering 20-40% discounts right now.

BUT you will have to order by midnight in most cases to get the book by Saturday.

The cost is $13 to $55 normally, for a 20 page book. Again these books are on sale right now. The $55 book is 12 x 12. Remember there is a sale going on Tuesday so the book can be deleiverd by Mother's Day.


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