Watch: Bus surveillance video of accident with Texas college student -

Watch: Bus surveillance video of accident with Texas college student

AUSTIN -- Capital Metro released video Tuesday taken from inside the Cap Metro bus that struck a University of Texas student last week.

The video clears the driver of running a red light but still gets him into trouble.

The video shows the bus traveling northbound on Guadalupe. The light was yellow when a student stepped in front of it.

That student, 22-year-old Nick Engmann, survived. He suffered cuts and bruises.

Police initially ticketed the driver for running a red light. Cap Metro says the video clearly shows the light was yellow. However the driver still faces disciplinary action. Cap Metro policy requires drivers to slow down at a stale green light and stop when the light is yellow.

"We hope that it exonerates to some degree our bus operator who we believe was not violating any traffic laws," said spokesperson for Capital Metro Erica McKewen.

Cap Metro also revealed Tuesday that the driver passed a drug and alcohol test. The agency announced Tuesday that bus drivers will be given additional training focused on pedestrian and bicycle safety.

"There is an opportunity for re-training, and that is what will occur in this case," said McKewen. "Our driver has a good safety record. He's been driving with us for 21 years, and we're glad to have him coming back to work [on Wednesday]."

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