Newlyweds out $6,000 after beauty school shuts down without warning -

Newlyweds out $6,000 after beauty school shuts down without warning

WEST ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KMOV) -- A young mother-to-be contacted News 4 after learning she was out $6,000 when a West St. Louis County beauty school she was enrolled in shut down -- with no warning.

Newlyweds Felicity and Jordan Dillon scraped together their savings last fall so Felicity could enroll in the La Plante School of Hair Styling.

"We thought in the long run the money would be beneficial for me to get my license," Felicity said.

That 'long run' turned into a short dash just three months after enrolling when the school shut down without a warning.

The Dillons are expected to get a refund, but have struggled to find out where they should expect it to come from.

"The struggles have been finding out who is liable, who is responsible, who is even the owner," Jordan said.  "We are being passed around from person to person."

According to Missouri State records, the owner of La Plante School of Hair Styling was Mark La Plante who owns a salon on Washington Avenue. 

La Plante told News 4 he sold the school several years ago and is currently $60,000 in the hole.

News 4's Mike Colombo was able to track down the last owner of the school, Darrell Gross, of Springfield, Missouri.  Gross says he bought the school four or five years ago while La Plante continued to be listed as the professional licensee.

Gross promises he will make sure to refund the Dillons and the other students and hopes to receive the final paperwork for the refunds by the end of this week.

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