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Judge: Wilbur the pot-bellied pig can stay with Texas family

SPRING, Texas—A pet pig at the center of a year-long legal battle gets to stay with his family, a judge ruled Monday.

"Oh my gosh when he said that, I just, it’s just unbelievable," said Wilbur’s owner Missy Sardo.

Wilbur lives with the Sardo family in the Thicket at Cypresswood community of Spring.

Spring doesn’t have an ordinance against pot-bellied pigs, but the homeowners association labeled Wilbur as livestock and said he had to go.



Click here to see photos of Wilbur.

The Sardos argued that he is a harmless pet. They launched a Facebook campaign with thousands of followers.

The judge disagreed with the HOA Monday and ruled in favor of Wilbur.

"I mean it’s like one of my kids. He’s actually better sometimes than my kids. We love him very much and we would do anything for him," said Wilbur’s owner Alex Sardo. He bought the 70-pound Vietnamese pot-bellied pig for his wife for Christmas in 2010.

"Nobody wants homeowner’s associations to be over-reaching and over-powering if they want them to do their job and take care of a common problem. But sometimes associations go too far and in this case we felt that they did," said the Sardos’ attorney, Mitchell Katine. "We are very pleased with the court’s ruling today and I’m happy that I’ve helped keep this family together today."

The Sardos will celebrate Monday night and Wilbur will be the guest of honor.

"I bought some strawberries yesterday. It’s a special treat that he gets," said Sardo. "He’ll just plop down for a belly rub and he will be very happy."




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