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Police officer charged with DWI, driving the wrong way

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) -- A police officer is allegedly on the wrong side of the law after he was caught driving the wrong way on a West St. Louis County highway.

Maryland Heights police say the officer was drunk when they pulled him over on Route 364.

Police say the officer blew nearly two times the legal limit, and for someone who is supposed to protect the community, this guy put several drivers -- and himself -- in danger.

Carl Scott, 27, is a Country Club Hills police officer, who will now have to answer for allegedly driving drunk and the wrong way on the highway.  At 3:30 Sunday morning drivers called 911 when they saw headlights coming at them on the Page Extension.  Maryland Heights police say they found Scott weaving across the westbound lanes while driving east.  Police pulled him over near Bennington Place.  They say Officer Scott admitted to drinking before getting in his car, then flashed his badge and told the arresting officer that he too is a cop.

"He was confused. He actually thought he was driving in the right direction. He had to be reminded a couple of times that he wasn't," Maryland Heights Deputy Police Chief Mike Kozuszek said.  "You always regret seeing something like that.  It reflects badly on all of us."

I left two voicemails and a text message for the Country Club Hills police chief on his cell phone, plus a written message at the department to find out more about Officer Carl Scott and what punishment -- if any -- he faces for the DWI ticket.

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