Granite City couple says they were dropped by insurance company due to storm damage -

Granite City couple says they were dropped by insurance company due to storm damage

GRANITE CITY, Illinois (KMOV) -- A young Granite City couple is upset after their State Farm insurance was not renewed due to several claims the company covered in the past few years.

Kip and Ashley Polley’s house was hit hard by recent hail. It suffered broken windows, damaged siding and shattered skylights.

But they have been afraid to file a claim after what they recently got in the mail.

“We received a letter just a couple of weeks ago saying this time they are dropping us, and our agent can’t do anything to help us,” Kip recalled.

The company said it was because the Polley’s filed three claims in the last three years, all which were approved and paid.

The couple says they are stunned.

“I was pretty shocked. I always heard if you use your insurance a lot your premium could go up, but I was shocked to find out if i use it, especially for acts of God that are not my fault, they would drop us for that,” Kip said.

But while it’s shocking for the Polley’s, what State Farm did is perfectly legal.

The insurance company would not do an interview, but released a statement.

“We look at each claim based on its own set of circumstances,” the statement read. “We do not base our decisions on one particular event. There are multiple factors: loss history, frequency of losses, and other things.”

But not only are the Polley’s not covered by State Farm. They are having trouble finding a new insurance company as well.

“We’ve actually called around to other agents and they’ve all told us they won’t insure us for the same reason. So basically no one will insure us because of our claim activity, even though it’s all just storm damage,” Kip said.

The Polley’s have the option of appealing State Farm’s decision, and plan on doing so. The couple’s other option would be to get homeowner’s coverage under Illinois’ fair program. But that coverage is more expensive than private, for-profit insurance.

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