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A little news unfolds right in front of us

(Reporter's Blog) -- When it comes to crime stories, we're typically late to the party.  We hear about what's already happened or is happening and go check it out.

This week we've had two instances where news crews were following up on a story and another story happens right in front of them.

The other day my colleague Lindsay Bramson was following up with a report the day after police shot a suspect at a Metrolink station.  While she was there, a robbery/mugging happened on a Metro train that very moment.  The victim ran toward her right after she got off the train and told her what happened.

Friday morning I was following up on a meth lab bust at a house in Affton Thursday night.  Soon after we got to the neighborhood to set up (around 4:40am), a St. Louis County officer comes by asking if we've heard anything as a neighbor had called police to report strange noises.  I explained our truck beeped a few seconds when we backed up... and the generator makes some noise.  He said that might be what it was. 

He hung around a few minutes,  Another officer showed up, too,  Next thing I see is a guy walking out of the backyard of the meth house on Waldo and casually walking across the street.  It's very dark, but moments after he disappears I see two officers not-so-casually running after him.  A few minutes later he was in front of a police car in front of the meth house being cuffed and frisked and put in the back seat.  He was hauled off to jail.

I asked an officer what happened and if this guy had anything to do with the meth lab (one guy was arrested the night before).  He said he didn't know.  He referred to him as a prowler.  Perhaps he knew someone was arrested and thought it would be a great opportunity to break in.  Or perhaps he was looking for some meth.

Makes for an interesting morning (or evening) when news breaks out right in front of you.  Pretty rare though.

Mark Schnyder is a reporter at KMOV-TV.



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