Man threatens, follows woman during road rage incident -

Man threatens, follows woman during road rage incident

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) -- A St. Louis security guard was arrested Thursday after police say he threatened to kill a driver on a highway exit ramp.

John Davis was on his way home from his club security job on North Kingshighway when he told me that a driver cut him off.  Police say that made him so mad that he not only threatened to shoot another driver over it but that he also had the guns and ammo to do it.
Police say they pulled four loaded handguns from the off-duty security guard's car minutes after he allegedly threatened to shoot a woman in a fit of road rage.  It started on Interstate 64 and escalated on an off ramp in Caseyville.
"He rolled down his window and shined a spotlight in my eyes -- an insanely bright spotlight -- so I couldn't even see his face," the victim said. "And he started screaming about that he had four guns in his car and that he was going to kill me."
The victim asked me not to use her name or show her face for fear of retaliation, but she told me that she then sped off, with the guard on her tail.  She then called 911.
"At this point I'm so frightened I can't hardly move," she said.
By then, she says the guard had followed her into Belleville.  She said she was too scared to go home, so she stayed on the phone with police as she drove around until they could get to her.  As Belleville police pulled up, they said they watched the guard get out of his car and confront the woman.  They intervened and stopped the threat.  Belleville Police then called Caseyville Police to take over the investigation since the incident began in that city's jurisdiction.
Caseyville police confiscated the guard's loaded weapons and have kept them secured since the January 14 incident.
"Obviously it was a big concern for this could have gone a lot further and could have been a lot worse," Caseyville Police Chief J.D. Roth said.
Thursday afternoon, police arrested John Davis, a security guard at Club Elite in St. Louis.  Davis is charged with three felony counts of unlawful use of a weapon for illegally carrying guns in his glovebox and one count of aggravated assault for the alleged road rage.  A provision in Illinois law allows a licensed security guard, like Davis, to carry a weapon used for work on his person.
I asked Davis about the case against him as he was handcuffed and being led by police into a police car.
"The lady almost ran me off the road," Davis said.  "I was getting off from work."
"Did you threaten her with a gun?  Threaten to shoot her?" I asked him.
"No, no I did not," Davis said.
That will be decided in court.
The police investigation also revealed that Davis had been arrested for second-degree assault and three seperate felony gun crimes in St. Louis during the 90s, but he was never convicted of the crimes.

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