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Local salon helping to collect unwanted prom dresses

(KMOV) – High school prom season is still months away but already a growing effort is underway to make sure every young woman who wants to go to prom...can go.

Lauren Thomas decided to donate her old prom dresses to Belleza Salon in O’Fallon, Missouri.
“I did it because they just in my closet and I have no more use for them so instead of selling them, I am donating them,” Thomas said.  “It is for a better cause.”
That cause is known as the “Cinderella Project.” The project gives used prom dresses to girls who can’t afford one.  
Robyn Clark is using her salon as a collection site for the “Cinderella Project.”
“There is 40 schools, over 40 schools actually, they choose a girl and sent them over to us.  We had over 150 girls and several of them would not have gotten to go to prom otherwise,” Clark said.
Clark also says that they have a lot of “little bitty” sized dresses and  they need more bigger-sized dresses
In addition to helping to collect the dresses, Clark offers some of the “Cinderella” girls free makeovers.
Click here if you are interested in helping the “Cinderella Project.”

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