St. Louis Pastor has problems after getting hit by a rental car -

St. Louis Pastor has problems after getting hit by a rental car

(News 4 Investigates) -- There are thousands of rental cars on the road each day, but not all of the drivers have insurance and it's not against the law.

But what happens if one of them hits you? 
That's a question a St. Louis pastor wanted answered after he was hit, so he called News 4 to investigate.
In August 2011 Rev. Emmitt Baker of Beth-el Baptist Church was hit by a rental car owned by Enterprise. 
Baker says the driver was truthful when the police showed up.
“He admitted to the policeman he was totally at fault” said Baker.
Baker says the driver named in the police report wasn't the authorized driver of the rental car.
So he called Enterprise to find out who was going to pay for his damage.
Baker asked Enterprise “what were they going to do about the repair to my car they told me it's my responsibility to find the person that was driving and sue them”.
But Baker says Enterprise wouldn't tell him who the authorized driver of the vehicle was.
Since the name on the police report didn't provide any clues, he became frustrated with the rental car company.
“I feel like if I loan my car to someone they go out and have an accident I'm liable” Baker told News 4.
So News 4’s Chris Nagus called enterprise for some answers.
According to the company they can't release customer information for privacy reasons.
But they tell News 4 all of their vehicles are insured - even if some of the drivers are not. 
In Baker's case they say there was some confusion - they thought he was filing the claim with his own insurance company.
Baker says that was never the plan - and he has no intention of paying for something that wasn't his fault.
Enterprise has now agreed to cover all of the damage to Baker's car.
He is still frustrated it took so long, but he's satisfied with that answer five months after the crash. 
If you are ever in a similar situation, Enterprise recommends you contact the rental car company immediately.

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