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Police arrest man for illegally dumping garbage

(KMOV) -- It costs St. Louis city taxpayers $4 million a year to clean up illegally dumped garbage, and Wednesday night police arrested a man after catching him in the act.
Police have been looking for Robert Eyer for six months.  They say surveillance cameras caught him and an accomplice illegally dumping trash in North St. Louis back in June.  Eyer is from St. Charles but says he owns property in the city.
"I don't think it's fair that I'm getting arrested for dumping trash in the Dumpster behind my property," Eyer said.
Eyer said he was rehabbing a property nearby and that's why he disposed of the trash in the alley.  But police say, he owns derelict properties and used yard waste bins to dump his trash.  City trash bins are only for city tenants and homeowners.
"You have no right to come in and trash our city, and it's not going to be tolerated," Sgt. Ron Hasty, St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, said. "If it takes six months or a year, we're going to track you down and you're going to go to jail and face the judge."
Police say Raymond Meyer is  Eyer's accomplice.  They want him to turn himself in.

St. Louis has installed 40 surveillance cameras around the city in an effort to catch illegal dumpers.  Crews are working to install 160 more. 

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