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Police captain vents about dirty cops on Facebook

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) -- Captain Steve Mueller of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department recently vented on Facebook about his disgust over dirty cops and how they reflect upon him. Below is a transcript of what he said verbatim.


"I’ve been a St. Louis Police Officer for 28 ½ years, plus two years prior to that as a
Reserve Officer with the SLMPD. I have always been proud to wear the uniform and
identify myself with the best police agency in the nation, despite its flaws, faults and
foibles. To this day, there is nothing I would rather do or another agency for which I
would rather work.

But, I am tired of getting beaten up- beaten up by my fellow officers on this fine
department. Every time the Department gets a black eye in the media, it reflects on me. In
my career, I’ve been tainted by the accusations against those who have assaulted or
abused prisoners, burglarized, stolen, beaten their wives/husbands/significant others,
committed arson, defended or associated with known felons (including murderers), did
stupid stuff while drunk, or became involved in selling or using drugs themselves.

Let me say this very simply: when you commit a felony, you are a felon. Period. You are
no longer a police officer in my eyes. You’re a criminal. You do not represent me or what
I stand for, nor do you represent the St. Louis Police Department or what it stands for.
And, if you don’t represent me, you have no right to wear the same uniform I do, because
you do represent me when you wear it. Yet, all officers get painted with the same broad
brush by the public when your felonious act hits the news – and, it will.

Well, I’m tired of your criminal actions reflecting on me. If you’re a felon who hasn’t
been caught yet, get out now. Leave. Become a full-time hood. But, leave the police
profession before you cause me or my fellow, upstanding officers any more
embarrassment. You have no business here. I don’t care how many years you have on.

Either you are here to obey and enforce the laws of the City of St. Louis and the State of
Missouri, and uphold the Constitution of the United States and of the State of Missouri to
the best of your ability (Remember those words? You SWORE to do just that!) or you
need to find other work. If you can’t obey the law, you have no right to enforce it. And, if
you don’t enforce it, you’re not being a police officer, anyway.

I’ve always told new officers that, remembering that alcohol is a drug, as long as there
are drugs and love, I’ll have a job. But, if you can’t handle those things yourself, they are
also the two things that will take your job away faster than any other. If you have a
problem such as alcoholism, drug addiction or anger issues, get help. We have free
resources available to you to get past your situation. But, don’t let me read about it in the
paper or see it on the evening news.

All officers make honest mistakes when doing police work. That should be taken into
account if an IAD investigation comes about. But, entering into criminal activity is no
mistake. It is an intentional act. Don’t do it on my turf or in my name. I’ve had enough
black eyes in the last 30+ years."

 - Captain Steve Mueller

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