Public invited to see, hear how Arch improvement plans are going -

Public invited to see, hear how Arch improvement plans are going

CityArchRiver 2015, the foundation charged with raising the money to improve access to the Arch and the Arch grounds has raised around 10% of the $578-million dollars it's going to need.

There's a long way to go to get to the big changes in store.

Wednesday night at 6pm, everyone is welcome to show up at the Ferrara Theatre inside America's Center at 8th and Washington downtown to ask questions and learn the latest on this huge project.

We're expected to learn more about the much publicized "lid" to go over I-70 so we don't have to deal with traffic... it could be a seamless, green walk from downtown to the Arch.

We'll also get more details on the glass entrance to an expanded museum beneath the Arch.

I talked to Arch Superintendent, Tom Bradley who is confident all this is going to happen and is already picturing how great it's going to be.

"In many ways it's going to benefit visitors but I'm also thinking about people who live here, "says Bradley.  "It's going to be a great place to walk during your lunch hour, it will be much safer to push a stroller or wheelchair across.  There will be new exhibits and activities you'll want to come back to, not just once when Uncle Harry's in town."

And if Uncle Harry happens to be a rich uncle, CityArchRiver 2015 would love to hear from him.  It's a public-private.  So far the private money totals $10-million.

"We all know we're proud of the Arch, we really want to make it superlative, too," says Bradley.

Mark Schnyder is a reporter at KMOV-TV.


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