Mario Coleman will spend the rest of his life in prison -

Mario Coleman will spend the rest of his life in prison

( -- The man convicted of killing a woman in her grandmother's south St. Louis home received multiple life sentences for murder, robbery and kidnapping.
On December 5th, a St. Louis jury convicted Mario Coleman, 24, of first-degree murder for the death of nurse Gina Stallis in a home-invasion that happened in October 2009 in the LaSalle Park neighborhood.  Coleman was found guilty of 25 other felony counts including kidnapping and burglary.
In the courtroom this morning, Stallis' mother, Rose Whitlock told Coleman to his face, "I don't forgive you for killing my daughter and I will never forgive you and I don't give a damn if it eats away at me for the rest of my life. I hope you are as miserable as I am... And finally when this is all over with don't turn to and insult me and the rest of my family with some lame ass apology because we don't accept it and I hope you rot in hell."
Coleman did say he was sorry.
After the sentencing, the off-duty officer who was visiting the home when she was shot five times, Isabella Lovadina said,"It made me feel good to look at him and say you didn't win. You didn't kill me."
Coleman’s accomplice, Ledale Nathan Jr., 18, was also found guilty on 26 counts, including the first-degree murder Stallis  and is currently serving life in prison.

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