British automotive group plans for plant site in Hazelwood -

British automotive group plans for plant site in Hazelwood

HAZELWOOD, Mo. ( As manufacturing continues to be one sector of the local economy that excels, Emerald Automotive, a British manufacturer, plans to set up shop in North Saint Louis County.

Emerald will pick a plant site in Hazelwood sometime in the next quarter.  The British manufacturer quotes the highway system as one reason for the companies move.  In addition to that, they list the industrial rail system already in place and its close location to Lambert International Airport as another reason for the move.

While location and transportation may have been one appealing factor to Emerald, the City of Hazelwood also put together a five million dollar incentive package to entice the manufacturers.

For now, Emerald is considering Aviator Business Park, the former home of the Ford plant off Lindbergh, and Park 370 at St. Louis Mills is another potential spot. 

Emerald Automotive hopes to bring nearly 600 jobs to the St. Louis area by 2014.

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