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Wentzville residents concerned over the site of new high school

 (KMOV) – The Wentzville School District already owns the property it wants to build a new high school but residents are worried it will bring more noise to the area.

"I think it would be good for the area. I think it would help the houses in the area for the resale value except for the fact of the traffic," Brenda Coleman, resident, said. 

The school district does not need any permission to start building but it is going through the proper protocol to obtain a permit as common courtesy. 

Officials say that the school district is aware of how fast the cars already drive in the area and the concern residents may have. 

"As we developed this site we tried to keep neighbors interest in mind, we have placed the school and the football stadium near the center of the site to try and contain noise and whatever we might make as a school," Kari Monsees, school district official, said. 

The City of O’Fallon says it is just waiting on the school district. 

"They spent over 6 million dollars on this property, their intention is to build a school on this property and our intention is to work with them to try and get the best possible situation for the school district and the residents," Tom Drabelle, O’Fallon official, said.

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