Gunman dead after shootout with police in North City -

Gunman dead after shootout with police in North City

(KMOV) – Police have identified the suspect who opened fire on police after officers interrupted  an alleged robbery in north St. Louis late Tuesday night.

Police said the Rapid Deployment Officers spotted a man around 9:45 p.m. backing out of the Northways Market at West Florissant and Thrush, pointing a weapon towards the door.  Police did not say if the suspect's motive, at the time, was to rob the store since the store was still open for business.

The suspect has been identified as Deandrea Pye, 39.  Officers confronted Pye and told him to drop his weapon, but he did comply.  According to reports, Pye pointed his gun at the officers.  The officers then drew their weapons and opened fire.

According to authorities, Pye took off running around the building and police followed on foot.  Pye allegedly pointed his gun at police again and police continued to fire, but Pye kept running.  When he reached a vacant lot, police opened fire again and this time the suspect fell to the ground.

Officials said, police approached Pye, believing he was injured or complying with officer demands, but as they got closer, he fired one shot towards the officers who, in fear for their safety, fired multiple shots at Pye.

Pye was pronounced dead at the scene and his weapon was recovered. According to department policy, the three officers involved are on administrative leave during the investigation.

Investigators are now looking into the shooting.

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