Group wants public to boycott buying Girl Scout cookies -

Group wants public to boycott buying Girl Scout cookies

(KMOV) – Girl Scout cookies go on sale starting this weekend with the organization mixed in a controversy that involves Planned Parenthood.

Longtime supporters of the Girl Scouts of America are calling on consumers to boycott the sales of its cookies because of the relationship with Planned Parenthood.
The accusations sprung about when several years ago a former CEO of the Girl Scouts of America went on national television and stated that many councils throughout the country have relationships with Planned Parenthood.
The Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri, which operates independently, states that those accusations do not pertain to their individual organization.
“Our girls have nothing to do with any of this information.  Our girls are working to sell the Girl Scout cookies to support their troops, to support the activities that they want to engage in to support the camps, and programs we offer to these girls.  And they have no relationship to any of these items,” Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri CEO Donna Martin said.
The organization says it is open to meeting or discussing any possible questions about its mission with anyone.

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