Mess, Mugshot and some Murky Excuses in Parking lot Payment Problems -

Mess, Mugshot and some Murky Excuses in Parking lot Payment Problems

(NEWS 4 INVESTIGATES) -- A St. Louis man says he was steamrolled by a paving company.

Carlo Campieri wanted his Webster Groves parking lot paved - but before that he needed the old lot ripped up and prepared for the job.
He says he hired a guy named Robert Reno for the job. 
Reno runs Affordable Asphalt - even has a nice little video on You Tube.
Campieri’s mother, Tina, came up with the $5,000 needed to do the job.
But she told News 4, “ this guy, he just ripped me off.”
Tina owns GianCarlo’s Restaurant in South St. Louis. She and her son wanted to open a second location in Webster Groves. That’s where they wanted Robert Reno of Affordable Asphalt to do the work
Carlo signed the contract with Reno with 11 clearly stated objectives - like step 3, remove the grass.
But Carlo showed our crews where grass was still growing up through the rocks.
Another objective listed in the contract was step 10: grade down the back parking lot.
But Carlo showed us the Reno “just left a pile of rock here.”
Carlo said Reno told him he was done, so he called News 4’s Chris Nagus for help.
At first Reno agreed to do an interview, but then backed out.
He told News 4 he's never been to court, except for the times he was sentenced to prison for assault and burglary but those had nothing to do with his business.
Carlo told us if he had known about Reno’s record, “I never would have hired him, never would have hired him.”
Reno told News 4 this could be chalked up to a misunderstanding.
He also told us that the $5,000 wasn't enough to get the lot ready for paving - but Carlo thought that's exactly what he was paying for.
Reno says he's done - and spent five days working on the site, and there's even a dispute over that.
Carlo says Reno only spent a day and a half on the lot.
The only thing that's clear now is this parking lot is nowhere near ready to be paved and Carlo and his mom don't have the money needed to get it done.
New estimates put the job at more than $20,000.
“I am the one that pay the money, what are you going to do about it? You going to bring the money back that's what we want?” Tina told us.
Carlo also says Reno took thousands of dollars worth of excavated rock from his property and he wants it back.
Reno says he was just following the contract.
If you feel like you have been ripped off by a company and want  News 4 to check it out let Chris Nagus  know on his KMOV Facebook page.

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