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Tidbits from Matheny, Beltran and Freese from the Winter Warm-up

Manager Mike Matheny on 2012 Cardinals:
“It is not my job to construct a roster as far as the personnel that come in and (John Mozeliak) has done a great job of having those conversations with me and allowing me to have a say. You look at what we have right now. We have a team that has respect for how they can drive the ball, how they can hit the gaps, but I believe we are also well-rounded as you look at what (Rafael) Furcal brings, if Tyler (Greene) makes his way in there and (Daniel) Descalso…you look at grittiness…you look at speed. There is a mix. I don’t think there is an overtone that dominates one over the other except I believe it is a well-rounded club.”

Outfielder Carlos Beltran on choosing to sign with the Cardinals:
“Right now, I am looking to be on a team that gives me the best chance to go to the playoffs and win a World Series and after what they did last year…it was a good fit for me.”

Third baseman David Freese on self-expectations and team expectations:
“When I get down to camp, it is all about 2012. I think the expectations maybe from the fan base have risen, but not in my mind. All we are worried about is me being healthy and I think if I am healthy hopefully that is enough. Losing Albert (Pujols), we got to turn it up a little bit but (Carlos) Beltran coming in is huge.”

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