Alderman president reminds youth of Dr. King's legacy -

Alderman president reminds youth of Dr. King's legacy

(KMOV) -- St. Louis Board of Alderman President Lewis Reed wants St. Louis youth to know the impact of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and how King's civil rights marches revolutionized America. Reed says today's youth fail to understand the struggles King went through during the fight for civil rights.

He says he's working on getting the younger community more involved in St. Louis events and passing along the message that a single person can truly make a difference.

Reed participated in Monday's Martin Luther King celebration in St. Louis.  Among the participants were St. Louis teens a part of the second annual Create Peace Rally. The group says they want other teens to embrace the message of peace and stop the violence in St. Louis neighborhoods.

Reed says Monday's reflection will hopefully encourage kids to utilize social media and world of mouth to promote peace in St. Louis.

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