Community celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. -

Community celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

(KMOV) – Ceremonies in Washington D.C., St. Louis and across the country took place Sunday in honor of the late Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., for his birthday.

Martin Luther King III, King’s son, spoke at the MLK Memorial in Washington D.C. During his speech, he discussed the wrongly inscribed quote on the memorial. The quote was modified from a sermon known as the drum major instinct, in which King explained how he would like to be remembered at his funeral.

The modifications to the statue will be changed this year.

In St. Louis, The Hazelwood Baptist Church held a ceremony in honor of Dr. King. The church says the observance is to send a message that unity and equality is important to all Americans.

The church has been holding the ceremony for ten years. 

The Hazelwood Baptist Church is just one of many church communities observing  Martin Luther King, Jr.


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