Finally Something to Cheer for -

Finally Something to Cheer for

St. Louis (Football StL) -- ‘Friday the 13th’ is notorious for bringing bad luck, but the St. Louis Rams received good luck Friday, Jeff Fisher said yes to St. Louis and no to Miami.

Fisher brings with him what the Rams desperately needed, HEAD coaching experience.  Talking with the players the day Steve Spagnuolo was fired you could tell they wanted experience in a new head coach and that’s what they got.  Fisher spent parts of 17 seasons with the Houston-Tennessee organization leading them to six playoff appearances including Super Bowl XXXIV; a victory though for the Rams. 

Fisher is regarded as a player’s coach who’s brings a toughness with him, and that’s what the Rams need.  Will Fisher turn the franchise around in a year? No, probably not.  Rams fans must be patient with Fisher. If the Rams make the right moves in the draft and free agency, in two years things will look much better than they do right now. 

I think Fisher walks into a better situation than some people think and here are the reasons why… Sam Bradford will only continue to get better, despite what some critics say.  The Rams own the number-two overall pick in this year’s draft.  Chris Long and James Laurinaitis are the cornerstones of the defense, not to mention Long is coming off a career year with 13 sacks.  And Steven Jackson still has a few good years left in him.  Fisher most likely will call Jackson’s number plenty next season which is never a bad idea.

Overall, I think Fisher is the right guy to turn this franchise around. Sitting out a year, I think he will be refreshed, energized, and ready to get to work right away.  We still don’t know who he’ll surround himself with, but Fisher knows plenty of coaches in the NFL so you can bet he’ll bring guys who can help revamp this deflated franchise. 

--Jeff Abeln, News 4 Sports

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