Supermarket employee accused of taping woman in restroom -

Supermarket employee accused of taping woman in restroom

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(KMOV) -- A former supermarket employee is accused of videotaping a woman in the store's restroom.   Police say she caught the man in the act.

 Troy, Illinois Police say 21-year-old Jonathan Spotanski gained access to the restroom through the ceiling tiles.  The restroom has a drop ceiling.  Police say Spotanski locked himself in the men's room then reached his hand through the ceiling tiles and into the women's restroom, where his alleged victim then spotted him recording her with his cell phone.
"It's just something that's extraordinarily outrageous behavior," Madison County State's Attorney Tom Gibbons said.
Gibbons charged Spotanski with Unauthorized Video Recording.  Police say computer forensic experts downloaded the contents of Spotanski's cell phone and discovered a video of a woman in the restroom at Troy Super Valu.
"Obviously if you're in a restroom and you shut and lock the door, you think that you're safe in that that's private," Det. Sgt. James Newcombe, Troy, Illinois Police Department investigator, said.  "So when that's violated and you lose that trust for that space and that area, that's shocking and very traumatizing for a person."
Spotanski quit the day he was caught.  That was in July, and police say he's been away at college while under investigation.
"Is there concern that someone who has done that at least once may have done that before?" I asked the detective.
"It makes you wonder," Det. Sgt. Newcombe said.  "He has no criminal history prior to this happening, so you just don't know."
But officials tell me that they will alert other police departments while letting the case play out in court.
"It's fair to say there's an on-going investigation into this and we're certainly going to explore every possible avenue to make sure that if there are other victims, if there was anyone else victimized, that we discover that and that further charges may be filed," Gibbons said.
Spotanski is free until his court date.  He turned himself in Friday and posted bond.

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