Man faces multiple counts for assault on St. Louis police -

Man faces multiple counts for assault on St. Louis police

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) -- A St. Louis man is facing multiple charges after police said he spat on and threatened officers during a scuffle at a St. Louis home.

 On Wednesday, police said they received a call about a fight at a St. Louis home, possibly involving guns.  When officers arrived, they witnessed a group of people running toward them yelling explatives.  One man was reported to have said, "We don't give a f*** about you having guns.  We got guns!"
Officers said that man then ran into a residence and came back out with his hand in his waistband.  Believing the man might have a weapon, officers drew their guns and ordered the suspect to show his hands.  The suspect would not show his hands, so officers approached the suspect slowly in attempt to take him into custody.
When one officer attempted to cuff the suspect, the suspect shoved him and spat on another officer.  The arresting officer reported that he was eventually able to secure the suspect.  It was then that the suspect started yelling explatives at the officers.  According to reports, this riled up the crowd of people watching and they started yelling threats of violence at the officers.
The suspect has been identified as Nakie M. Winston, 23.  He has been charged with three counts of 3rd Degree Assualt to a Law Enforcement Officer and one count of Resisting Arrest.  He faces four years in prison.
City officials say they investigate all threats made against the police.
“We take it very seriously because these are individuals who are prone to violence and certainly they could take that threat to another level,” Police Chief Dan Isom said.
"I take it very seriously if people are threatening towards the police or violent towards the police or are spitting, hitting, the police,” Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce said.  “I take that very seriously and every chance we get to prosecute those cases we do."

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