Signing Fisher may have just saved the St. Louis Rams -

Signing Fisher may have just saved the St. Louis Rams

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(AP Photo/Mark Humphrey) By Mark Humphrey (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey) By Mark Humphrey

St. Louis (FootballStL) -- The signing of Jeff Fisher as Head Coach might literally have saved the St. Louis Rams. On a day like today it is easy to overstate things, but with as dire of a situation as this franchise is in you cannot underestimate how important this signing is. The hiring of Fisher gives the Rams a true leader that will provide something that has not been around for too long. One voice and one person to answer to.

The biggest problem that the Rams have had through the past decade is that there has not been one clear voice and one answer man. Whether it was Mike Martz fighting with Jay Zygmunt, John Shaw and everyone else involved or it was the vacuum of leadership with Scott Linehan and Steve Spagnuolo there has been a solid decade of bumbling in the front office. The players didn’t know who to answer to and the results showed on the field. Now things appear to be different.

The hiring of Fisher makes it crystal clear to everyone involved that he is the final word in the organization on what happens. Obviously Fisher has to answer to Stan Kroenke, but everyone else will have to answer to Fisher and that creates a sense of leadership.

Outside of the walls of Rams Park the hiring brings excitement to the fan base. It has already created enough buzz in the past week to dominate the sports headlines when the Cardinals are coming off of a World Series win and the Blues are pushing for first place. Rams fans are dying to have someone, anyone, come in and bring winning football back to St. Louis.

If Fisher can just bring back a semblance of winning in the next two years it will also mean good things for the future of football in St. Louis. Winning will not mean a thing if the stadium issues can’t be worked out, but the issue won’t be thrown at the feet of St. Louis fans. Fans have been more supportive than this franchise has deserved and the hiring of Fisher will provide at least a good start to ticket sales. If this season was technically a sell-out, than there is no reason to believe that the hiring of Fisher won’t energize the Rams base.

Things aren’t going to automatically be better with the hiring of Jeff Fisher. There is a lot of work remaining to do for Fisher and the staff he brings in. But at least for one day the Rams made the right move and weren’t left holding the bag while watching Fisher go to Miami. That is a reason to celebrate today.


Tim Klutsarits, FootballStL


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