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What do you fear most about the holidays?

(KMOV.com) – Consumer Reports conducted a poll to find out what people dread the most about the holiday season. At the top of the list; people.

According to an article on the Consumer Reports website, they surveyed 1,100 adults to get their results.

At the top of Yultide fears were crowds of people and long lines with 58 percent. Next was weight gain at 41 percent, followed closely by aggressive drivers in parking lots with 40 percent.

Here are the remaining holiday dreads:

Getting into debt: 30%

Gift shopping: 20%

Seasonal music: 14%

Disappointing gifts: 13%

Seeing certain relatives: 12%

Traveling: 10%

Having to attend holiday parties, gatherings or events: 9%

Having to be nice: 4%

Holiday tipping: 3%

*Total exceeds 100% since multiple responses were allowed in the original survey.

With all the things people say they fear about this time of year, most of those surveyed said they are still enjoying it.

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