Newly appointed St. Louis County Collector has unpaid personal property taxes -

Newly appointed St. Louis County Collector has unpaid personal property taxes

ST. LOUIS COUNTY ( – An investigation has revealed the newly appointed St. Louis County Collector has unpaid taxes of her own.

Stacy Bailey was hired to be the top tax collector in Saint Louis County, but despite being interviewed repeatedly, and undergoing a background check, county officials never asked her if she had any unpaid personal property taxes.

Bailey filed for bankruptcy in 2011, and as part of her bankruptcy plan, is slowly paying off overdue tax bills. Bailey and her husband owe $4,800 of taxes on their vehicles; debt stemming from as far back as 2008.

According to St. Louis County Director of Revenue, Eugene Leung was charged with the responsibility of vetting Bailey.

According to Leung, he investigated her real estate tax payments, but failed to check her personal property tax payments.

Despite saying the incident is embarrassing, Leung is standing behind Bailey.

“In retrospect, she’s still the most qualified person for the job,” he said.

In Missouri, residents with unpaid taxes on their vehicles, are prohibited from getting their licenses until those debts are paid. Bailey received a waiver as part of her bankruptcy, and once she was hired last month, she could drive to work in one of the vehicles that she still had not paid taxes on.

The county is standing behind Bailey for the $78,000 a year job, but not everyone is on board.  

“It certainly does send a bad message about the fairness of county government,” said St. Louis Councilman Greg Quinn. 

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