Chesterfield man angry with traffic noise from Page-Olive connector -

Chesterfield man angry with traffic noise from Page-Olive connector

CHESTERFIELD, Mo. (KMOV) – A Chesterfield man is complaining after traffic from the newly-constructed Page-Olive connector caused quite the noisy nuisance.


“When the cars are coming up, the headlights are shining right in our room and when you get the cars accelerating up the hill, it makes it even louder,” said Dan Semar.

That less than harmonious hum is what Semar has been dealing with since the connector was completed behind and below his Chesterfield home.

“When we moved in, it was all woods behind us and a nice lake down here,” he said.

Prior to construction, St. Louis County conducted sound studies indicating excessive noise levels that would impact Semar’s home in addition to several others nearby.

”Originally, you hear these plans and it’s not that alarming because you’re under the impression there’s going to be sound walls put in and you’re not going to have to deal with the noise from the highway,” Semar said.

But that hasn’t happened, and simply put, Semar’s ticked off.

“If they can’t put a sound wall or any kind of abatement on the right of way on the highway, then maybe they can do something on the homeowners property to help out,” he said.

News 4 talked to the county, which said Semar’s didn’t meet specific criteria.

“There’s several different things they have to meet before we would construct noise abatement structures,” said David Wrone with St. Louis County.

Though Wrone admitted sound issues have likely worsened since construction concluded, he says the county, even after seeking a second engineers opinion, ultimately decided sound walls wouldn’t fix the problem.

To avoid a similar problem, Wrone suggested asking specific questions to you realtor about  construction plans for the area you’re looking to buy in. He also says to contact city or county officials with those same questions.


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